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  • The Pantheon

    p. A brief description of what constitutes a god in the world. p. The list of gods present in the world. * [[Adana | Adana]] * [[An-Kimer | An-Kimer]] * [[Chorrus | Chorrus]] * [[Firan the Fiery | Firan the Fiery]] * [[Im'nal | Im'nal]] * [[ …

  • Demigods

    Description of what a demigod is. List of demigods present in the world.

  • Koloch

    God of the Dwarven Race p. *Alignment*: Lawful Good p. *Domains*: Earth, Protection, Strength

  • Adana

    Goddess of the Elven Race p. *Alignment*: Chaotic Good p. *Domains*: Magic, Luck, Healing

  • Teif

    God of the Halfling Race p. *Alignment*: Chaotic Neutral p. *Domains*: Luck, Trickery, Travel

  • Slarith

    God of The Slell p. *Alignment*: Neutral Good p. *Domains*: Animal, Plant, Water

  • Chorrus

    p. *Alignment*: Lawful Good p. *Domains*: War, Good, Protection

  • Im'nal

    p. *Alignment*: Neutral Good p. *Domains*: Sun, Travel, Protection

  • Sondirra

    p. *Alignment*: Chaotic Good p. *Domains*: Chaos, Healing, Plant

  • An-Kimer

    p. *Alignment*: Lawful Neutral p. *Domains*: Law, Knowledge, Magic

  • Rajin

    p. *Alignment*: Neutral Evil p. *Domains*: Evil, Strength, Trickery

  • Yijeni

    p. *Alignment*: Chaotic Neutral p. *Domains*: Chaos, Animal, Knowledge

  • Mor-Kaliss

    p. *Alignment*: Chaotic Evil p. *Domains*: Death, Destruction, War

  • Malan

    p. *Alignment*: Lawful Evil p. *Domains*: Death, Strength, Evil

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